Departments and Programs


The Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) carries out its key roles and provides services through the following departments and programs:

 Department/Program  Department/Program Leader Phone Number
Office of the Superintendent Lisa Hagel, Ed.D., Superintendent (810) 591-4402
Business Services Cynthia McCain, Assistant Superintendent (810) 591-4414
Career Technical Education Denise Belt, Director (810) 591-4446
Center for Countywide Programs
Tricia Hill, Executive Director
(810) 591-5609
Communications and Development Steven Tunnicliff, Ph.D., Associate Superintendent (810) 591-4426
Education and Learning Mary Behm, Assistant Superintendent (810) 591-4408
Genesee Area Math/Science Center (GAMSC) James Emmerling, Director (810) 591-4470
Genesee Career Institute James Ply, Principal (810) 591-4261
Genesee County Educational Foundation Steven Tunnicliff, Ph.D., Associate Superintendent
(810) 591-4426
Genesee Early College Margaret Green, Interim Principal (810) 591-5115
Human Resources and Operations Keely Mounger, Ed.D., Deputy Superintendent (810) 591-4432
Ligon Outdoor Center Jason Bentley, Ranger (810) 591-4200
Mott Middle College High School Margaret Green, Principal (810) 232-8530
Special Education Services Cherie Wager, Assistant Superintendent (810) 591-4494
Technology and Media Services Luke Wittum, Assistant Superintendent
(810) 591-4436
Transportation Services Chad Sexton, Director (810) 591-4526