Shared Classes via Interactive Television

ITV stands for interactive television which uses videoconferencing technology for shared classes. In this type of shared class, students meet in a classroom equipped with cameras, microphones, and television monitors. Using two-way audio/video communications, ITV links the originating (sending) classroom, where the teacher and some students are present, with the remaining students in ITV classrooms at other (receiving) sites around Genesee County.   

 High School Courses

 College Level Courses
GenNET offers over 60 sections of specialty high school courses including:
  • Advanced Placement
  • American Sign Language
  • Japanese
  • Sports Medicine
  • Marine Biology
  • Music History
  • Criminal Justice
  • ... and many more

In partnership with area higher education institutions, GenNET also offers college-level ITV courses such as:
  • Arabic I & II
  • Calculus II & III
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • English Composition
  • Human Relations
  • Philosophy
  • Physics

For More Information

High school counselors in local GenNET member districts can provide information on enrolling in a GenNET ITV Shared Class. For more information about GenNET ITV Courses, visit our website at: