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Beginning Bus Driver Training Form

  1. Genesee Intermediate School District

    Transportation Department 2413 West Maple Avenue Flint, MI 48507
    Director of Transportation Services, Chad N. Sexton
    Transportation Coordinator, Angie Ethridge

  2. Details

    Entry-level school bus drivers must be taught to drive a school bus before enrolling in the Beginning School Bus Driver course. No person will be issued a yellow Certificate of Course Completion card until she/he has completed the school bus driver prerequisite training program. This certification becomes a permanent part of the school bus driver's file. When a registration form is received, we will issue a temporary white card. The driver may drive with it until she/he completes the Beginning School Bus Driver course here at the GISD. This is only a temporary white card valid for 10 days after the completion date of the course. Please remind your drivers that only one white card will be issued. If they do not attend this class, for any reason, they will not be issued another white card. They will not be able to drive after the expiration date on the card. You will need your white card for admission to class. No one will be admitted late for class. All classes are at the Genesee ISD.

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  5. By Checking this box I certify that I am the supervisor listed above and that the driver appearing on this form has completed the standard lessons as outlined in the Michigan Department of Education's School Bus Driver Training Program and in my judgment, is prepared to enter the Beginning School Bus Driver Course. There will be a charge of $75 for anyone who signs up and does not show.*

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